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DSD is owned and run by Paul Watson. starting his drag career at Blackbushe 1977,

Paul has had over 30 years drag racing with both cars and bikes  -  Paul has been multi champion in cars, and now in bikes. from  early days in the street class to the supergas wars in the 90s, Also crewing with cars with the likes of Paul Jackson and top alcohol dragster moving to John Ellis and the Lethal calibra in the awesome pro modified class working mainly on the motor and Nitrous, then switching to bikes in 2001 winning the 9.90 class in the first year, In 2003 moved to the very competitive class of the pro stock bike 0-180 in 7 secs

Paul and the DSD Pro Stock team were  invited to attend the Bahrain International Circuit festival of Speed, where they put on demonstration runs for the King of Bahrain ! this was the first year of the Bahrain circuit what a great experience a trip of a lifetime.


For his efforts during 2005, Paul has recently been Awarded by the SPRC for:

Best Crew Chief (Jaimie Sneddon SSB Honda Blackbird) wa the worlds fastest streetbike 7.25 secs @200mph

And the DSD Pro Stock team were the 2005 winners of the Best Appearing team.

During 2006 Paul competed in both the ACU and UEM Championships, finishing in 3rd place for the ACU championship and 5th in the UEM Championship.

Wining the biggest ever field of pro stock bikes in European history at Hockenhiem.

2007 sees Paul helping with many teams and customers at the track,

 2008 saw Paul build a turbo Busa and won the 1st ever 8.50 bike class race then ran a personal best on a SSB  with 8.1 @180mph and a 1.28 60ft.

2010 Paul has been sought by the Veidec Racing pro stock bike team to help with their European tour, This is a 4 bike team with riders from Sweden, Norway, Greece, hopefully with his years of racing and Dyno experience, also with the datalogging skills he has aquired over the last 30 years will be an important Part for the teams challenge to win the championship this year.




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