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Nitrous kits from DynoSpeed Developments

DynoSpeed Developments (DSD) are pleased to announce the release of two Nitrous kits designed specifically the Suzuki Hayabusa and gsxr600 to 1000 inc gsx1400. The kits are capable of producing  from 20bhp to 200bhp respectively, and are aimed at the weekend warrior and the Professional racer.


DSD have opted for a Dry Manifold System, so no drilling of the head for foggers or extra holes for fuel pump feeds are required.  This has allowed the DSD engineers to add specific electronic drivers for system activation. The user no longer has to add extra throttle switches etc as the system comes pre wired for throttle, gear position or horn activation.

To enable quick installation ALL mounting brackets, arming switches and wiring looms are included, pre wired and pre drilled.

So why a Dry Manifold System?
Atomisation of fuel is of paramount importance when trying to produce good reliable power. Liquid fuel in the combustion chamber is just taking up space, and effectively upping the compression ratio.
To atomise fuel, nitrous system manufacturers have designed numerous types of combined nitrous / fuel injector systems (foggers). These achieve a level of atomisation by spraying wide-angle high pressure nitrous across the path of the additional fuel.
Fuel injection systems use high-pressure fuel sprayed at a narrow angle through a specifically designed ‘fuel injector’, as the fuel injector is accurately aimed at the high flow air stream excellent atomisation and combustion efficiency is achieved.
The DSD Dry Manifold Nitrous System for the Hayabusa uses the standard fuel injection system (with modification) to supply the extra fuel required when the nitrous is activated. This has allowed the engineers at DSD to take advantage of the superior atomisation of the fuel injection system and negates the need for the difficult to mount foggers.

Are there any other benefits in using a Dry Manifold System?
The DSD Dry Manifold Nitrous System introduces the nitrous through a spray bar into the air box. The engine then draws the oxygen rich charge into the engine in the same way it does normally so distribution is excellent.
One of the main objectives when the DSD nitrous system was designed, was to reduce the possibility of air box explosions / backfires on shifting. This has been achieved by switching the fuel injectors off across the shift point. No fuel = No bang! The possibility of air box explosion is further reduced by the fact that there is little or no stand off of fuel on a fuel-injected bike. So it’s an intrinsically safe design!


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